Industrial Waste Characterization


North Coast Labs is able to test for all 44 compounds deemed by the EPA to be toxic. North Coast Labs has the capability to test for all of the Metals contained in the RCRA 8 Metals list. North Coast labs is also able to run a full scan for the content of Volatile Organics, Semi - Volatile Organics ,Pesticides and Herbicides that are contained in a sample.


North Coast Labs has two methods for analyzing the ignitability of a sample. The first method is to determine the flashpoint of the sample. North Coast Environmental Labs has a state of the art automated flashpoint tester that takes all of the guess work out of analyzing a flash point. Our state of the art flashpoint is able to determine flash points as low as 68 degrees F and as high as 392 degrees F. The second method North Coast Labs uses for determining ignitability is ignitabiltiy of solids. This method allows for a determination about how a sample is ignitable under a open flame.




North Coast Environmental Labs determines the corrosivity of a sample by determining the pH. North Coast Labs pH meter is calibrated daily and can determine acidic pH's as low as 1 and basic pH's as high as 12.


North Coast Environmental Labs determines the reactivity of a sample by analyzing the sample for both Cyanide and Sulfide. North Coast Labs uses our state of the art Lachat instrument to determine the cyanide content in a sample. The Lachat instrument can determine the Total, Reactive, Amenable and Free Cyanide contained in a sample. North Coast Labs can also determine the total, total dissolved and reactive sulfide content of a sample. This wide array of test methods allows North Coast Labs to determine how reactive any sample is.


Industrial Waste Characterization

North Coast Environmental Laboratories Inc. can perform the required testing for toxicity, corrosivity, ignitability and reactivity to determine whether or not industrial waste is hazardous. North Coast Labs can also test for each of these characteristics individually.