North Coast Environmental Labs offers a wide range of both water and soil testing methods!

Water Testing Capabilities

ParameterMethodContainerPreservativeHolding Time
Acidity305.1100 mL HDPEN/A14 Days
Alkalinity310.1100 mL HDPEN/A14 Days
Ammonia350.2100 mL HDPEH2SO428 Days
BTEX62440 mL VialCool14 Days
Chloride325.3100 mL HDPEN/A28 Days
Conductivity 120.1100 mL HDPEN/A28 Days
Cyanide (Total, Reactive, Amenable)D7511-09100 mL HDPENaOH14 Days
Cyanide (Free)D7237-10100 mL HDPENaOH14 Days
Dissolved Oxygen360.1100 mL HDPEN/AASAP
E. Coli907100 mL SterileCool24 Hours
Fecal Coliform9090/ 9222D100 mL SterileCool24 Hours
FlashpointD93100 mL HDPECool14 Days
Fluoride340.2100 mL HDPEN/A28 Days
Hardness200.7100 mL HDPEN/A6 Months
Herbicides 509B1 Liter AmberCool7 Days
Hexavalent Chromium3500CR-B100 mL HDPEN/A24 Hours
MBAS425.1500 mL GlassN/A48 Hours
Mercury 245.1100 mL GlassHNO328 Days
Mercury Low-Level1631E250 mL GlassBrCl28 Days
Metals200.7100 mL HDPEHNO36 Months
Nitrate352.4100 mL HDPEN/A28 Days
Nitrate/Nitrite353.3100 mL HDPEH2SO428 Days
Nitrite354.1100 mL HDPEN/A48 Hours
Oil & Grease5520D1 Liter GlassH2SO428 Days
PCB6081 Liter AmberCool7 Days
PAH/ PNA6251 Liter AmberCool7 Days
Pesticides6081 Liter AmberCool7 Days
pH150.1100 mL HDPEN/AASAP
Phenol420.1500 mL GlassH2SO428 Days
Phosphorus365.3100 mL HDPEH2SO428 Days
Residual Chlorine330.5100 mL HDPEN/AASAP
Semi-Volatiles6251 Liter AmberCool7 Days
% Ash160.41Liter HDPEN/A7 Days
% Solids160.3100 mL HDPEN/AN/A
Sulfate375.4100 mL HDPEN/A28 Days
Sulfide376.2100 mL HDPENaOH7 Days
Total Dissolved Solids160.11 Liter HDPEN/A7 Days
TKN351.3100 mL HDPEH2SO428 Days
TOC415.1100 mL HDPEH2SO428 Days
TOXD808-911 Liter AmberN/A28 Days
Total Suspended Solids160.21 Liter HDPEN/A7 Days
Turbidity 180.1
100 mL HDPEN/A48 Hours
Volatiles62440 mL VialCool14 Days
Volatile Solids160.41 Liter HDPEN/A7 Days

Soil Testing Capabilities

Parameter Method Container PreservativeHolding Time
Ammonia350.24 oz GlassN/A28 Days
BTEX8260B4 oz GlassCool14 Days
Chloride92524 oz GlassN/A28 Days
Conductivity 9050A4 oz GlassN/A28 Days
Cyanide (total, reactive, amenable)D7511-094 oz GlassN/A14 Days
Cyanide (Free)D7511-10N/AN/AN/A
Flash PointD64504 oz GlassCool14 Days
Flouride340.24 oz GlassN/A28 Days
Hardness6010B4 oz GlassN/A6 Months
Herbicides8151A1 Liter AmberCool7 Days
Hexavalent Chromium7196A4 oz GlassN/A24 Hours
Mercury7470B4 oz GlassN/A28 Days
Metals6010B4 oz GlassN/A6 Months
Nitrate90204 oz GlassN/A28 Days
Oil & Grease5520D4 oz GlassN/A28 Days
PCB80824 oz GlassCool7 Days
PAH/ PNA8270C4 oz GlassCool7 Days
Paint Filter Test90954 oz GlassN/AN/A
Pesticides8081A4 oz GlassCool7 Days
pH9040C4 oz GlassCool N/A
Phenol90654 oz GlassN/A28 Days
Phosphorous 6061B4 oz GlassN/A28 Days
Semi-Volatiles8270C4 oz GlassCool7 Days
% Ash160.44 oz GlassN/A7 Days
% Solids160.34 oz GlassN/A7 Days
Sulfate90384 oz GlassN/A28 Days
Sulfide9030B4 oz Glass N/A7 Days
TCLP131116 oz GlassCool7 Days
TKN351.34 oz GlassN/A28 Days
TOC90604 oz GlassN/A28 Days
TOX9020B4 oz GlassN/A28 Days
TPH-GasM80154 oz GlassCool14 Days
TPH-DieselM80154 oz GlassCool14 Days
TPH-OilM80154 oz GlassCool7 Days
Volatiles8260B4 oz GlassCool14 Days
Volatile Solids160.44 oz GlassN/A7 Days